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july seventeenth with twenty seconds to your park business program interactive exhibition urban. forum dot com. we can see england face palomar in a group g. clash later initially novgorod with counting the minutes to kick off pieces keeping up the challenge here a new. six seven. i . says germany manages to say face and restore confidence to see in a place in the next round beating sweden two one on saturday. i. underway for the football in some of the big stories that shape the last seven
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days the u.s. withdraws from the u.n. human rights council describing the body as biased and hypocritical the moves met with widespread international criticism. for me kevin i would like to this sunday the twenty fourth of june just midday here in moscow the next thirty minutes let me bring you the latest on the football and a recap of the big news stories of the last seven days that. so the biggest party on the planet rules on day eleven of the world cup here in russia and all eyes are on the england part of our encounter that will open sunday's matches a couple of hours then japan clashes with senegal and a catcher in the last much of the day's poland's game with colombia peter all of. a former club east of where i'm speaking of moscow that huge england kind of clash. that was. where.
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iraq was was finger shown poly mania and fans of descended on nizhny novgorod on the part of mania are outnumbering the english that i've seen so far all we did do is we got them together for a little before it's back by popular demand it's pieces keeping up challenge here an issue never good at this time the rules are simple one person from each team does the keeping up the rest of the team they have to keep singing keeps doing well the team is singing counts it's as simple as that competing for england we have barely from any newcastle you cancel ok we're going to miss the team behind you that's why you will not run out of. their team. six seven. am nine still
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nine is decent but you know it is these you can't see. people was the if you do that you succeed if you think it will we see you this is this guy who was. friendship there we go cause that's your perfect even a mistake about barry thank you very much for putting this me was a serious relief fund you you didn't want me to do this naomi's does me in this game. it doesn't get any less fun. it's amazing how you end up missing out there will just milling around in the fan some of the intensity one of panama's greatest ever play is the first player to score with those for the palin amiens in a knockout tournament tapir going to thank you very much.
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i'm going to do this even if it is. going to do you expect for the games. we're going to be very strong again very crass as well. but. even the biggest of frequently optimists would say that it's going to be a tough task if paloma are going to overcome this english side but one thing that perhaps could play a factor is the way that they heat here in. this absolutely roasting we're talking to local people here they're saying it's quite unseasonable even for the summer time here it was in the high thirty's throughout the day we're hearing it in the direct sun like fifty degrees is how it was feeling england had to put up with the flow isn't very good because the heat well you know there are a level and perhaps it could be that. this is the paper all over the epitome of a manager enjoying his job with all eyes on the england panama much betting on
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harry last week. with three points against. price these are the current standings ingroup. belgium six points that england may see the four shift after sunday's game two zero in panama are both lagging behind with zero point five thousand of those panamanian fans to flock to russia for the same we caught up with one special guest who seem to be taken by the whole clematis. what do you think about russia we spoke about what a wonderful city we are in what's your impression oh you're not rational russia you're back marcos to come here because the thing is sorry called however it's so hot that you want to put on sunscreen and you guys it's so hot unbelievable it's even hotter than panama despite the fact that it's very hot in panama and we're very positive there are so many facets have come here from panama to support our team it out with phil the whole stadium at the match with boucher. will be worth
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the trip all the way let's see what our top pundit thinks of england's chances today. well. the country will be waiting for a fourth season match not for the good reasons but for the bad reasons england has to win and to win is normal but not to win these catastrophic the people of england and. what we found out a few hours meantime we spoke to a super dedicated you can really call in this fund from the u.s. to see almost one hundred fifty world cup much isn't this time he's here despite america failing to qualify for this year's championship he told us what he thought about the tournament in russia as he saw it.
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the organization's very good to get us through security get us to the games very socially which is unlike other countries that i've been to other world cups. my grandmother was originally from russia so it was a good reason to come here and see russia and to visit but also because i know that many of the cities around here so beautiful i want to be able to come and see it to. there is no tense political relationship at the world cup people get along i meet people from iran from russia from egypt we all are here because we find joy in the same thing in the joy is watching football idols i've not heard one negative thing anybody everybody rushes to thinks actually coming they did very helpful they they kept us it's actually been a wonderful experience.
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good to hear it saturday so previous world cup champion germany beat sweden two one with a last minute free kick after one of the german players was sent off belgium showed its strength trancing shin izzy a five two and mexico defeated korea two one. the what . was throughout. was was i. i. i.
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i. hope. for her. i. think of.
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i. mean time breaking news of plenty of games already had a cut cool to killie's this correctly we can reveal predict all the matches so far kitty's lives in the hamptons museum is in petersburg you may have heard of before sees me enjoying his new job.
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keep up the good work. across the globe official fans and. faces a tendency. here
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. for a train. in the black sea city for the world cup champion. ship that's their h.q. stay with us for comprehensive world cup coverage on r.t. international for this massacre that. is going to be a huge day to come from so watching by the way i know if you let me take you through some of the big stories of the last seven days starting with this on choose day the u.s. withdrew from the u.n. human rights council secretary of state mike pompei ill and other u.s. officials castigated the international body accusing it of hypocrisy and political
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bias present dr wants to move the ball forward from day one his call that institutions or countries to say one thing and do another and that's precisely the problem with the human rights council as president trump said at the u.n. general assembly there's a massive source of embarrassment to the united nations that some governments with the greatest human rights records said on the human rights council for too long the human rights council has been a protector of human rights abusers and a cesspool of political bias a straightaway europe lashed out of the us decision to leave the un body the united states decision to withdraw from the human rights council is regrettable britain support for the human rights council remain steadfast today's decision risks undermining the role of the us as a champion and supporter of democracy in the world stage the european union will nevertheless continue to defend human rights and fundamental freedoms whether in multilateral fora around the world also by cooperating with us whenever possible.
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israel though welcome the move prime minister benjamin netanyahu called it a courageous decision some believe the u.s. withdrawal is a result of washington's close relations with israel the u.n. secretary general expressed regret at the u.s. decision while the top rights group said it reflects washington's policy on the israeli palestinian conflict but the us ambassador in return to the united nations accused rights groups of blocking reform of the body it is unfortunate that your letter sought to undermine our attempts to improve the human rights council you put yourself on the side of russia and china and opposite the united states on a key human rights issue the united states will continue to be a world leader in calling for human rights for all people and enforcing international attention on to mass atrocities general secretary the palestinian national initiative mustafa barghouti told us the u.s. withdrawal does harm its credibility on human right this american with. human
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rights council reflection of how serious the problem is with the arms administration which has become totally biased to israel and it is favoring the israeli interest even to the american interest and i think withdrawing from such an important human. rights council. undermines all the claims from the side of the american administration cared so much about human rights that is very dangerous very grave situation it has undermined completely the ability of the united states to play at all in any peace in the future and it is definitely affecting the repudiation of the american administration and this is also linked to many other issues but on the issue of who moderates this is going to be a very serious loss for the american policy. here are mosco be more the stories that help shape the last seven days from us protests erupted in the us once again
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despite don't try to pressure massive public pressure over the migrant children story being separated from the families and the rest of the headlines after this quick break. to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when
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you want to express. that you want to be this is what we're hopeful. be good. interested always in milwaukee. tess's in the u.s. have been rallying against the highly controversial policy of separating undocumented migrant children from their parents is despite president trump signing an executive order on wednesday reversing the program trouble down in the face of massive public outcry against his zero tolerance approach towards illegal migration some officials involved have been targeted directly by activists.
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trumping ministration officials have been sending babies and other young children to at least three. three tender age shelters in south texas wars and medical providers because. i know we're not nazi germany all right but we need be careful not to move in that direction this is not who we are in america he is taking america to a dark and ugly place is there anything you wish the senator can do the policy was launched in april it soar over two thousand children separated from their families protests broke out of major u.s. cities over the issues grew further after a recording was released claiming to be of children crying at a detention center. the
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u.s. department of homeland security says over five hundred migrant children have already been returned to the parents but it's not at all clear yet how the trump of ministration is going to reunite all the families since some of the adults with already been deported at the peak of the crisis the issue also took on a religious dimension to his caleb maupin reported in the week just go u.s. attorney general jeff sessions created a firestorm when he justified the policy of separating immigrant children from their parents by invoking a bible passage from the book of romans our sign. of the apostle paul and his clear
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and wise command in romans thirteen to. the government because god is a dying or dying the go for it is for versus the mainstream media had a field day don't break god into this first of all i don't think god pick jew because i don't worship what amir putin and the only thing in the bible close to this is a king threatening to cut a baby in two and he was joking it's not a lol i know so the bible isn't a government documents from a policy perspective you want as will be starting green eggs and ham saying we must keep children in a box we must keep them with the faux should we really be surprised about biblical justification for policies last year it was revealed that the white house is holding weekly bible study classes the classes are led by ralph drole injure the founder of capital ministries based in washington d.c. capital ministries has been operating for over two decades preaching evangelism to
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elected public servants since our founding in one thousand nine hundred six our vision has not changed to evangelize elected officials and lead them toward maturity in christ it turns out the man advise in the white house on matters related to the almighty is a former basketball player with a bachelor's degree in geography now he has no background in public policy or political science but he does off. for his expertise on spiritual matters to those in power they are so teachable they're so noble their soul learned like jeff sessions he'll go out the same to teach him something else seen him do it on camera the list of officials who have participated in ralph's classes is rather impressive you've got vice president mike pence you've got secretary of education betsy divide us you've got secretary of state mike pompei oh and you've got energy secretary rick perry all of them have sat down with pastor ralph to learn about the good book many americans are horrified that evangelical ministers are influencing policy and
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even getting classes in the white house they think why are these religious kooks influencing the fate of the free world but there are americans who feel the opposite that's the problem with this country you people have allowed religion to become a part of political policies your religion i don't care what it is has no business being in government it's his prerogative right as his own religion right is a freedom of religion that's what the country is zero based upon right freedom so the president is these he has his rights as well believe in separation of church and state i believe religion should be kept separate from politics having other presidents done that in the past two i mean if they're religious then they're allowed to do that as long as it's not interfering with actual governing trump did come forward and put a stop to the controversial family separation policies he may have cooled his critics on that but in the process he seems to have opened up a new divide a divide about his administration's newly announced policy of invoking the bible to
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justify its decisions cable mopp and r.t. new york europe's also in its him all of the refugee policies president mccrone affronts appeared to suggest on saturday that italy is no longer dealing with the migrant crisis the newly installed interior minister in rome then condemned that remark as ira good and insulting the cohen also suggested fining e.u. countries that turn their bucks on refugees. just people for my part i'm in favor of having mechanisms that take this into account but we cannot have gum trees that massively benefit from the use of the terror and who massively claim their national selfishness when it comes to the topic of migration. elsewhere and in europe this had the headlines to students in the spanish city of l.a. county were forced to move out of their university accommodation to make way for refugees that were on board the rescue ship aquarius it docked eventually in spain a week ago after being turned away first by italy and malta sparking a diplomatic standoff it was carrying more than one hundred migrants rescued off
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the coast of libya a group of twenty students were reportedly only given twenty four hours to relocate the mother of one of the affected said it was unfair she thought to kick out new always paid rent she said while adding it's very doubtful that the spanish prime minister for instance would leave his residence to accommodate the migrants and she's not the only one upset by the move. so refugees coming here with no money and what next where do they get it on this that they hold full support from our government they want to see i helping people is great there but not when the country is in crisis so notable. i do believe it is a good thing to shelter people like me but he victims students especially during exams is wrong would annoy you that this is horrible there this students only receive twenty four hours. that's not enough time to find another place to stay. but at the moment i feel for people who are pushed to lose their home states can hear about it i can let's hear it is ready to welcome someone you. said therefore
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it is to fix it is to go there and have a right to state of the indian and that it is that a footnote to this authorities in the region say those students were offered an alternative places to stay and didn't have to pay anything extra experts we spoke to have shared their view on spain's decision to open its ports to the ship. the reason is very simple really was the reason you prime minister which is a socialist prime minister who wanted to. really make a difference with. former prime minister he wanted to. kind of satisfaction to his public who were his voters so we know there. are more open. issues. accepting this move i'm not sick of this move to say we are you one people or the other.
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but i hardly. think you i think you do in the future because the feeling in the public opinion is not at all positive toward uncontrolled immigration. in spain had to be careful with. about the consequences of the first one if spain is able to what the number off of the possible number of immigrants able to get to spend the following month is not only for spain and for all that european union just thought this is. but if you're a band you know. need very damp in order to find real solutions for these problems such a lot of may well lead just some of the stories that made headlines these last seven days thanks ever so much for watching i'm kevin i was here in moscow. have a great sunday of world cup football and
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a. argentina that is why. they are mad about that because they're commies are in free fall for all currencies when you have a major currency like the dollar the yen the the hero. enter a similar crisis which i believe will happen you'll have then adoption rate in those countries wall spike as well as a psuedo store of value as a way to preserve wealth because the banking system is completely unsustainable it will not exist as we understand it in ten years time it will not exist central banks are an endangered species. for a world cup twenty eighteen coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of alternative but there was one more question and by the way was going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's
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a huge star among us and the huge amount of pressure to come out you have to go meet the center of the beach hotel with you and you show the great gate bridge you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get down there we have to go. alone. and i'm really happy to join us for the two thousand and three and world cup in russia meet the special one come on don't appreciate me to just read the review p.r.t. teams latest edition make up a bigger. book. which . during his years serving his region is chief executioner gerry wood here in the
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where they were innocent. when you hear a person going to be sticking out that he was innocent. syrians going to his body he's taken out that he was innocent on his last words. give me some. and that bank about as execution and it place some doubt there there was one young man in particular washington jr. he was five tell society magazine that he was innocent and yet no one really paid more attention. in one nine hundred eighty three earl was arrested in culpepper virginia and brought in for questioning he thought it was for a burglary he had committed to use to question the buy different. and we'll use it at our data. and they than no i want to call up month
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old call kept merrill. was going to dump and. after intense questioning police officers extracted a confession from her for the brutal rape and stabbing murder of a one thousand year old mother of three. at his trial experts testified that earle had an i.q. of only sixty nine and was extremely suggestible casting doubt on his confession. despite inconclusive evidence the jury found guilty and the judge sentenced him to death. he was taken to mecklenburg a supermax prison in virginia. he was scared to death he was timid he didn't want to come out of so.


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